Near Field Communication Tags

Near field communication (NFC) refers to the communication technology which connects two wireless devices which are placed near to each other. The distance between the two devices should be just a few centimeters. In the United States, NFC technology is slowly gaining a foothold in the area of making payments via the smartphone. Near field communication chips are embedded in many smartphones.

People use the NFC technology to communicate encrypted data to the near field reader, mostly when they are shopping in a retail outlet and making payments at the billing desk. Users of this technology can safeguard their credit card from flashing every time. They can just store the credit card information in the NFC chip in their smartphone and whenever they are shopping, they just have to wave the phone near the reader or tap it there. The payment will automatically be made.

In 2002, the NFC technology was created by NXP Semiconductors and Japanese giant Sony. In recent times, this technology is being added to recently manufactured smartphones. It helps users to make mobile payments and perform other functions as well. In the year 2004, the Near Field Communication Forum (NFC Forum) was formed to promote and expand the use of NFC devices. Another important role of the Forum is to develop and certify the devices that are in line with the NFC standard. This powerful technology is so versatile that it can act as your credit card, a keycard, and also an ID card. You can install the NFC chip into your smartphone or Tablet and use it for your purpose.

NFC tags are developed for retail set ups and museums where these tags are attached to the items. There will be a NFC device installed at the exit point that gives an audio or video impression when the tag is placed near to the device. In this way, NFC tags can be used as a powerful security device to curb theft and shoplifting. Other than this, NFC technology can also help you to share photos, songs, and videos with your friends and families. Even contact information and other applications can also be shared via NFC.

Near field communications technology finds its application in various other fields including access control, healthcare, consumer electronics, social networking, eCommerce, identity documents, and so on. Let’s take a look at the key benefits that you can get from NFC technology.

  1. Just a mere touch is enough for the functionality of near field communications.
  2. NFC technology is versatile and finds its application in wide range of areas.
  3. NFC technology is based on simple wireless technology like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
  4. The signal transmission of near field communication is short range.
  5. NFC doesn’t require a new installation and it can work on existing wireless technology.

There are many companies including Nokia, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony, MasterCard, and Visa which are associated with this technology. To identify if a device has the NFC technology embedded in it, just look for the N-mark logo in the device.

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