QR codes as 2D codes

In this age, people are so pressed for time that they want to do as many things in as little time as possible. When people want to seek or convey any information, they want to receive or send as much information as possible. Is it possible to convey as much information in as little time as possible with minimal space? It’s possible. The answer is 2D codes. The popular example for the 2D codes is the QR or quick response code. This 2D code is a kind of image that contains a lot of information in very little space. Once a person scans that image, it will translate the information embedded in it. This information may be contact details or it may redirect the person to a website. If you learn how to generate 2D codes, you have another edge to your marketing strategy.

Before you generate a 2D code, let’s learn a little bit more about 2D codes. These codes are similar to barcodes that you see on products. The major difference is that the 2D codes can hold more information than the traditional barcodes. When you want to generate a 2D code, you will require a 2D code generator. This article will give a brief insight of the 2D code generator. The 2D code generator is basically created upon the PHP platform and it is an open source program. This means that most 2D code generators are free and easy to use. Among all the 2D codes, QR code is most popular and it’s extensively used in various applications. Many excellent QR 2D code generators are available online. You can easily download a 2D code generator for free and store it in your mobile or PC.

There are many websites that offer 2D code creation for free. These 2D code generator websites enable you to create your own code using the information that you furnish on their websites. You can customize these codes as per your requirements. Once the 2D code is generated by the 2D code generator, you can either download the image or make a print of the image. You also have an option to email the code for future use. This way, you need not create the same code again and again.

There are also other forms of 2D codes. Some of these 2D codes include Data Matrix, Aztec Code, Semacode, ShotCode, and Micro QR code. These 2D codes are not as popular as QR code, though the functionalities of these codes are similar. The 2D code generator that you have used for generating QR code can also be used to generate these 2D codes as well. Using these free 2D code generators is like child’s play. Firstly, you need to decide what information you need to embed in the 2D code generator and where you want to place the 2D code. Once you have decided, simply fill in the information in the 2D code generator form and click the generate code button. That’s it. Your 2D code is ready to use. You can create separate 2D codes with different information using these 2D code generators.

Here are some 2D code generators.