Places QR Codes

There are many people who love to travel but they may have a lot of questions about the places they want to visit. It’s only right that people do some research about the places and make the necessary plans to ensure that the trip is successful. Obviously, it will be good if they can get some suggestions or reviews by people who have been to these places so they can get a more objective opinion before they actually make their decision. The answers to these questions can be easily found in places QR codes. You can get a gamut of information such as places to visit, exotic locations or reviews about a particular destination by scanning the places QR codes.

Google Places have introduced the use of places QR codes. They have created many places QR codes and they mail these stickers to numerous business set ups. In turn, the business set ups stick these mailers containing the places QR codes in their store windows. Now, these codes become visible to the people who are visiting the stores and they can easily decode the QR code information with their smartphones. They can scan the places QR codes and access the important information that they are looking for. This particular approach is not very popular at this moment but it is getting popular gradually.

Places QR codes are also available in the Places page of the Google Maps. You can add your business details in this place. Here is how this feature works. After entering the Google Maps site, type your business name and address. If it is not listed, you can add it instantly. After you locate your business, navigate to the Places page where you can create the place QR code for your business. Simply enter the URL information of your business in the designated place and create the place QR code. You can verify if the code is displaying the correct information by clicking on it. After verification, save the place QR code image so you can use it anytime you desire.

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