3D Barcode

Do you know the importance of a barcode? Every barcode is unique and contains unique data for each product. The first barcode was a 1D barcode, which contained fewer amount of data. As time progressed, 1D barcode evolved into 2D barcode, and eventually to 3D version. The difference between 3D barcode from the 1D and 2D version is that it uses the height of the lines to embed data. The information in a 3D barcode is more accurate and cannot be seen by the naked eye. This makes it tamper-proof and a great aid for business set-ups. 3D barcodes are an excellent solution for rectifying various problems, such as inaccurate pricing, inventory errors, and overstocking, which are common in the case of 2D barcodes.

The 3D barcodes scanner is available both as a hand-held device and a device connected to the system. In the manufacturing industry, 3D barcodes help in tracking the overall efficiency of the production process and also total time taken by the number of workers, which help to save production cost. 3D barcodes are yet to gain popularity but it is certain that once it gains popularity, it will have a great impact on every business. 

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